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Beijing Jinlvyi Logistics Ltd. is a comprehensive and veteran company that engages in maritime & air shipment, express delivery, exhibits & items transport and distribution, and operates as a cross-border transport agent for non-trade goods and warehouse service as well. Our company is equipped with experienced management teams, complete networking at home & abroad and diversified services. We’re devoted to maintaining that safer, faster transport services can be more easily supplied to our clients.

HTE Official Contractor for goods shipment and internal transport: Designated Transport Company
Name: Beijing Jinlvyi Logistics Ltd.
Add: No.70 Yangzhuang Road, Tongzhou District, Beijing
Postcode: 101121
Contacts: Mr. Ma Wenyuan 13901102036
Mr. Xu Lei 13811347364
Tel: 010-60533522
E-mail: 85135403@qq.com