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Become A Buyer

Beijing International Health Tourism Expo focuses on health tourism trading and is committed to creating more trading opportunities for all participants. If you are engaged in outbound and inbound health tourism, are responsible for purchasing health tourism products in tourism locations, or intend to purchase health tourism solutions, you may register as professional buyers to enjoy relevant benefits. We offer buyers exhibitor trends and the latest product information to strengthen industrial exchanges and promote spot trading. 

I Buyer Qualification

If you are engaged in health tourism, medical tourism, business tourism and leisure tourism, are entitled to make decisions on purchasing resources in domestic and overseas tourism destinations, or are decision makers of smart medical/medical product and health product purchase, you are qualified to register as HTE buyers. Welcome to join HTE as buyers!

II Buyer Registration

Buyers are required to apply for registration online and enter correct information. The organizing committee will review applicants' buyer qualification based on their information. Buyers approved will receive a letter of information from the organizing committee and may log on to view their status.

III Exclusive Services

1.Meeting numerous exhibitors to acquire extensive and fruitful negotiation opportunities;

2.Selecting appropriate exhibitors to negotiate with per your purchase needs;

3.Directly communicating with international medical health tourism institutions to conveniently and quickly collect the information of medical health tourism products, resources and destinations; 

4.Enjoying relevant services offered by the organizing committee.