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Exhibition Family

Sichuan International Travel Expo (SITE)

source: pubdate:2017-10-25

Starting in 2014, Sichuan International Travel Expo (SCITE) is one of Sichuan's three major thematic expos, as well as a major annual event through which Sichuan opens wider to the outside world. It has so far been held successfully four times, attracted exhibitors from 74 countries and 1 million visitors, and achieved a cumulative contract amount of nearly RMB 70 billion. It has displayed Sichuan's favorable image to the world, boosted the international popularity of Sichuan's tourism and promoted the tourism development of the host cities. 

Sunny Communications started to plan and operate SCITE in 2015. It has integrated its quality resources and employed its professional advantage to promote the leap of SCITE over the past three yeas, thus building SCITE into a world-renowned exhibition supported by and involving a large number of international tourism organizations. Through SCITE, exhibitors have presented their products, buyers have conducted negotiations and experts have given instructions at forums. It has achieved the goal of building SCITE into an international tourism platform for trading, exhibition and cooperation.