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The First Beijing International Health Tourism Expo Unveiled Successfully

source: pubdate:2017-12-19

The 1st Beijing International Health Tourism Expo has kicked off at China International Exhibition Center (Jing An Zhuang), December 15, 2017 as scheduled. It is organized by Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd., and supported by Beijing Municipal Commission of Tourism Development, Tianjin Municipal Tourism Administration, Hebei Provincial Commission of Tourism Development and Beijing Administration of Chinese Traditional Medicine, Whilst under the guidance of other national authorities, including Department of Planning & Information at National Health & Family Planning Commission, Department of Tourism Promotion & International Cooperation, Department of Planning& Finance and Department of Affairs on Tourism for Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan at China National Tourism Administration, and Department of International Cooperation at State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine as well.

Mr. Zhang Jilin, Head of Department of Planning & Finance, China National Tourism Administration, delivered a speech at the Opening Ceremony, saying that the State Council of China attaches importance to health tourism by issuing a series of key documents and papers, on ground that the implementation of "Healthy China Strategy", as shown in the reports of China Communist Party's 19th National Congress, highlights the people's well-being is a significant symbol of national rejuvenation and prosperity. At the same time, he spoke highly of the expo under the theme of "Health Tourism Leads to A Healthier and Happier Life", for reason that it does create a health tourism-based platform for trading and exchange, which matters so much to innovative development and marketing cultivation in this regard.

Helen Shapovalova, former chairperson of the State Agency of Ukraine for Tourism& Resorts, addressed the Opening Ceremony, who gave her credit to China-Ukraine relations, likewise in hope that the Belt and Road Initiative can usher both countries into a new level in terms of bilateral trade and tourism partnership.

In addition, Ms. He Rongxian, President of Beijing Sunny International Communications Ltd. that acted as the Organizer of the expo, delivered a welcome message to all guests, exhibitors and friends from the press on the spot. Beijing International Health Tourism Expo is designed to create a trading and exchange platform for global health tourism, that has integrated sharing industry & economy, products display & sale and marketing, with a wide range of exhibits showcased on scene that come from businesses engaging in tourist administration, health tourism, medical management, health&wellness, medical insurance, as well as health tourism demonstrations bases and TCM health tourism demonstration areas, etc.

Through the expo, different buyers and sellers from across the world have enabled themselves to face-to-face negotiation for closer networks with each other.To support the ongoing expo, China International Health Tourism Forum was presented with a pool of professional talents who shared all participants with constructive ideas, with a view to adding vigor to sustainable growth of tourism in China and beyond.