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Developers of TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zones Unveiled

source: pubdate:2017-10-25

The China National Tourism Administration (CNTA) and the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) have recently named the first 15 regions that will develop National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zone in their respective precincts. They are Dongcheng of Beijing, Anguo of Hebei, Pingshun of Shanxi, Tonghua of Jilin, Pudong of Shanghai, Taizhou of Jiangsu, Bozhou of Anhui, Shangrao of Jiangxi, Rizhao of Shandong, Qichun of Hubei, Nanning of Guangxi, Nanchuan of Chongqing, Dujiangyan of Sichuan, Qiandongnan of Guizhou and Tongchuan of Shaanxi.

The creation of National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zones is a major move to implement the Opinions on Promoting Tourism Reform and Development and the Outline of the Strategic Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine Development (2016-2030) released by the State Council. The development works have started after the publicizing of area list through application, local initial examination and recommendation, expert review, field inspection and publicity. Through these zones, China will explore the new concept and model of TCM health tourism development, upgrade its development system, popularize internet-based technologies, explore industrial reform and innovation, integrate tourism with elderly care and TCM health services, and build a host of National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zones with distinct features, prominent advantage, tremendous comprehensive strength, demonstrating and radiating role and great influence, thereby boosting TCM health tourism.

The Notification Starting the Creation of “National TCM Health Tourism Health Demonstration Zones (Bases, Projects)”, released by CNTA in association with SATCM in 2016, notes that the development period of National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zones (bases and projects) is three years. Meanwhile, development performance will be evaluated after the period’s expiration and the title of “National TCM Health Tourism Demonstration Zones (Bases and Projects)” will be granted based on evaluation results.