0 days before opening of Beijing International Health Tourism Expo

Become An Exhibitor

Policy & Procedure
BOOTH APPLICATION shall be submitted to the Organizer via E-mail/Fax, prior to Nov. 13, 2017, after you fill up and stamp it with the official chop.
2、Exhibitor Qualification
Including tourism administrations, travel associations, health tourism demonstration bases, scenic attractions, travel agencies, airlines, tourism automobile & cruise companies, hotel& hospitality group, holiday resorts, travel media, medical research institutions, medical devices suppliers, pharmaceutical manufacturers, medical associations, health checkup corporations, anti-aging organizations, or those entities engaged in TCM health cultivation, convalescent care, leisure & wellness, beauty & fitness, and pension service, etc.span>
Note: exhibitors engaged in medical business, shall be a legitimate holder of business license issued by the country where they are registered.
3.Qualification Confirmation
BOOTH APPLICATION and total fee for booth(s) you apply for should be received before Nov. 30, 2017. Upon confirmation, the Organizer will send you BOOTH CONFIRMATION, EXHIBITOR SERVICE MANUAL, BOOTH MAP and other materials. Once booth(s) you apply for get confirmed, none of them is allowed to be transferred and rented. Besides, none of products, if out of line with those you applied for, will be allowed to be shown on site.
4、Booth Assignment
Booths will be assigned on the basis of FCFS, booth size and individual requirements, before you are notified in writing of booth number by the Organizer who reserves the right to adjust the locations of booths.
Upon submission of BOOTH APPLICATION, any alteration to booth size, without any written notification (stamped with the official chop) required by the Organizer, will be invalid.
5、Booth Cancellation
①The Organizer shall be advised in written form, before Dec. 1, 2017, of your request to either cancel booth(s) or alter booth size;
②A 20% charge will be deducted from your payment for booth(s), as booth cancellation is performed;
③No refund will be granted, if either the Organizer gets advised in writing of your request to cancel booth(s), later than Dec. 1, 2017(accepted by postmark), or you fail to attend the expo;
④Banking fee should be paid from your refunds, and the settlement of refund will be scheduled after Dec. 20, 2017.