0 days before opening of Beijing International Health Tourism Expo

Media Service

Beijing International Health Tourism Expo (HTE) will be held at China International Exhibition Centre (Hall of Jing’anzhuang) on December 15-17, 2017. To facilitate publicity and report by the media, the organizing committee of the expo has already started registration service for the media. We hereby cordially invite all media friends to do reporting and interviews! 

I.Media Registration
Registration Deadline: December 9, 2017
Please correctly input your name card and Press Card or ID card information. Upon successful submission of the registration information, the expo organizing committee will review your qualification for reporting. Those who pass the review will receive a letter of confirmation from the organizing committee. Please log onto the Registration to check. 

II. News Center
To facilitate news report and ensure the timeliness and accuracy of the content reported, the News Center will provide the following services to the media:
1. Consulting services of the expo related information will be provided; 
2. News releases of the expo and promotional materials of the exhibitors will be provided;
3. Computers, online equipment, and other such equipment will be provided to support services at the News Center. 

III. Exclusive for the Media 
1. Registered media can obtain information on the expo beforehand, get access to detailed process of the expo, and make good preparations for reporting and interviews;

2. An information package for the expo will be given to the media free of charge (including documents for interviews, expo schedule, etc.); 

2. News releases of the expo and promotional materials of the exhibitors will be provided;

3. The media will be invited to the official events and will be given opportunities of interview priority. 

Media Supervisor Info
Ms.Liu Yang 18813141865
Mr.Wang Keyun 13693661939